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 The Vizitech Virtual ECG package aims atchanging the way we learn by providing 3D, augmented reality, and virtual reality learning programs and technology for K-12 education and corporate training.


Hands-On & Interactive Learning with zSpace

zSpace is a virtual reality desktop with 3D glasses and a stylus that allows you to interact with a virtual object or environment. Using the stylus, students can move objects, take them apart, and build complex electrical circuitry and physics experiments. The 3D glasses allow students to peer around an object to view it from all sides.

 Training & Service

zSpace is easy to use for both teachers and students. As long as students are old enough to know how to write, they can easily learn how to use the zSpace workstations. Vizitech provides training and professional development to help teachers learn how to use zSpace and incorporate this technology into their classrooms. We troubleshoot and service zSpace workstations or accessories immediately and resolve any issues.


Curriculum & Content

Hundreds of educational activities are available for zSpace, and Vizitech can create custom content for your unique educational or training needs. Existing zSpace content includes:

Cyber Science 3D: A 3D dissectible library with over 300 models for students to dissect and reassemble
Franklin’s Lab: Virtual electronics program in which students can build virtual circuit boards
Newton’s Park: Physics activities and demonstrations with everything from ramps and gravity to rollercoasters.
Studio: A model program with hundreds of models students can dissect, label, and manipulate. This program allows teachers to import their own models from 2D photos, and students can print their models on a 3D printer.
Leopoly: Virtual art program with a ball of clay students can sculpt into shapes, which can then be exported into Studio


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