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VIVED Volume is a tool for viewing and interacting with medical imaging scans on space. Users can explore demo volumes or create new volumes from their DICOM libraries.

Interactive in 3D

Employing camera functions such as zoom, rotate, and pan the user is able to examine and manipulate the DICOM datasets in 3D for better perspective.

Example Scans

Scans of a torso, brain, and the heart are available as examples within the solution, making it easy to start viewing scans right away.


With real anatomy displayed in VR and AR, students and clinicians will be immersed in the learning processs.


Easily adapted to any anatomy curriculum and medical education setting so professors and clinicians alike use VIVED Volume to teach or to educate staff or patients.

Author Mode

Our Author Mode feature allows instructors to construct, save, and play back detailed presentations using text and detailed 3D models to highlight subtle scientific concepts focused on the radiology images.


Supports the import of Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) image acquisition using CT, MRI, and other common radiology formats.

Software Licensing

VIVED Volume is available for licensing on a zSpace stereoscopic VR and AR environment. A subscription of VIVED Volume allows each student to study independently, interact in real time, and learn on their own zSpace system.


Learn more about the VIVED Volume package in the download section: