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115 activities and simulations to support physical science and chemistry instruction - from an atom building and molecule viewer to a reaction lab.


Interactive in 3D

Employing camera functions such as zoom, rotate and pan allow students to examine and manipulate curriculumaligned Chemistry simulations for a deeper understanding of complex chemistry concepts. 


Chemical Reactions

Decomposition and oxidation reductions are just some examples of chemical reactions available within the application, making it easy to understand why chemical reactions occur when molecules interact and change.



With chemical concepts displayed in augmented and virtual reality, students are actively engaged in the learning process.



Easily adapted into any chemistry curriculum so teachers are able to seamlessly add VIVED Chemistry into existing education coursework.



Electron support for each element, including ion, and oxidation state represented in familiar models like Bohr, Electron Diagrams, SPDF and Nobel Gas Electron Configurations, and a unique Atom Trinket.


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