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VIROO’s diverse array of services spans from VR content creation to cutting-edge remote collaboration capabilities and immersive room deployment, making us your ultimate one-stop destination for enterprise VR.

Unlock the Power of VR without the Code

With VIROO®’s intuitive low-code VR Creation tool for Unity, crafting captivating VR content becomes effortlessly accessible. No coding expertise required – just your imagination.

Transform spaces into immersive VR rooms

With VIROO®, convert physical spaces into dynamic VR environments, enabling simultaneous interaction for multiple users in full-scale environments.

Seamless Connectivity, Boundless Collaboration

    Break free from geographical boundaries and time constraints. VIROO®’s advanced remote collaboration capabilities provide you with the ability to seamlessly connect and collaborate with individuals and teams worldwide, regardless of their location or time zone. The world becomes your virtual workspace.

    Key features

      • The full potential of Virtual Reality in one unified platform
      • AWS and Azure cloud-based for easy accessibility and rapid scalability
      • Compatible with the latest VR headsets from HTC Vive, PICO or Meta
      • Integrated with multi-projection systems like CAVEs or Domes
      • Remote collaboration ready
      • Single and Multi-user mode
      • Access via Desktop, VR headset or Immersive Rooms
      • With built-in tools for VR content creation in Unity
      • Includes a set of VR apps to start exploring
      • With Mixed-Reality capabilities
      • ISO 27001 certified for data protection and security
      • Open to integration of third-party devices and services
      • Designed for individuals of all skill levels