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Assess and interpret layered data sets to build a complete picture of landscape-scale scenarios. Developed in collaboration with the British Geological Survey.

Billions of data points

Bring together point clouds of billions of points and combine these with other data sets, including GIS software, LiDAR, and other data sources for intuitive visual representations of complex phenomena.

Comprehensive toolset for virtual fieldwork

Measure the orientation of dip slopes, fractures, and other features and create a profile of the terrain and any other models in the visualization. Change terrain illumination and sun direction to enhance ground features.

Enrich visualisations with live data feeds

Incorporate web services, feeds from local sensors, or GPS data from onsite personnel for an active site management tool.

Built for the modern geoscientist

Developed in collaboration with the British Geological Survey, GeoVisionary specializes in the visualization of disparate data sets allowing different disciplines to collaborate around a single tool in the same spatial context.

Virtual fieldwork for targeted operations and better results

Plan, scope, and focus field operations identify risks to ensure effective use of time on the ground. Onsite teams have access to the most complete information and can update local colleagues and remote experts on findings and operations.

Live environmental monitoring

Receive and assess real-time updates from environmental monitoring equipment and databases such as river flow, seismic sensors, or GPS data tracks from vehicles and aircraft. A context-rich view allows you to explore possible outcomes and counter-measures.

Visualise without writing code

GeoVisionary is designed with an intuitive user interface. Geoscientists can work in the scene they are creating directly, getting immediate results.

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