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The software tool for 3D review of very large engineering projects. Cadmium offers the unique possibility to combine CAD models of all common formats with 3D laser scans and even with GIS data. 

The choice is yours: use Cadmium with your desktop, HMD, PowerWall or CAVE.

→ Virtually unlimited model size     → As planned vs. as built documentation   
→ Blend between 3D laser scan and CAD model     → Cloud solution   
→ Diving into virtual reality     → Factory planning

All freedoms

Softvise’s technology features out-of-core processing and streaming of 3D in the complete processing chain including 3D data, meta-data and product and manufacturing information (PMI). Users can navigate freely with the model to access overarching big picture information as easily as they can inspect tiny details. Cadmium reads all major CAD formats such as CATIA, Siemens NX, Solidworks, SolidEdge, Creo, Inventor and more, leading CAD exchange formats (JT, STEP, IGES, DXF) and major point cloud formats i.e FARO, Leica, NavVis, Potree.

Every hardware

Cadmium has integrated support for virtual reality head-mounted displays. Customers can take advantage of immersive 3D visualization of their engineering designs directly at their desks. There is no need for model simplification or data conversion at all.  All users benefit from the full support of stereoscopic PowerWalls or CAVE solutions and can easily use their 3D mice and game controllers.

Your solution

Softvise offers different packages to perfectly fit the customer's requirements. With Cadmium Pro, the user has all the options. Import data from all major formats, create projects and export selected areas. The software is fully interactive and all operations are optimized for real-time speed. The user can identify, select and show or hide every single part of the model. In addition, Cadmium supports measuring, clipping planes, redlining and layout modification. The Basic Viewer allows partners and colleagues to perform full reviews of the created projects. With Cadmium VR you can work on multiwall projections without limits. The choice is yours.