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SkyReal VR


A complete solution designed to transform traditional industrial production methods by integrating virtual reality technologies into product design cycles.

How it works

The SkyReal solution allows you to turn your CAD file into a one-of-a-kind experience. SkyPrep turns all of your CAD files into Unreal files. It adjusts their complexity level responsively, depending on your device. From there, the possibilities are limitless. Collaborating in a virtual environment, manipulating your CAD file, annotating points of interest, measuring, or placing a mannequin to test its ergonomics, SkyReal VR offers you a broad list of features to work with your data. Afterward, changes made in VR can be saved back into your native CAD format.

Bring innovation in product design cycle and stay efficient

SkyReal VR is especially dedicated to engineers, architects, program management. It provides a VR work environment that addresses many of the essential requirements and tasks of product design like design reviews with all stakeholders, efficient collaboration between team engineers, architecture trade-offs, design changes, and configuration management.

Connects to various display systems

SkyReal VR supports various VR display systems like PowerWalls, CAVEs, or HMDs. Using Unreal’s nDisplay integration of cluster-rendered visualization systems and optical tracking systems is fast and easy.


Looking for a solution to share an easy-to-launch 3D experience with a colleague, a customer, or a partner to explain your project? SkyReal2GO is the solution that will allow its users to generate their own 3D experience to be later shared with all their ecosystems.

Select a simulation map, customize the SkyReal user interface and generate a SkyReal2GO experience. Your stakeholder will not require a SkyReal license to execute the exported file and will be able to play it either in desktop or VR mode.

Powered by Unreal Engine

SkyReal VR uses the Unreal Engine 4 to load 3D data and VR mode. This cutting-edge technology supports the most modern display techniques available. It displays simultaneously millions of geometric data with a realistic rendering (shadow, ssao, tsaa, reflection, etc.) while keeping important stability on the framerate. SkyReal benefits from most of its innovations, especially those on VR rendering. Indeed, the engine supports natively almost all VR headsets available on the market (and soon all OpenXR compatible headsets) which allows SkyReal to have optimal functioning and to guarantee good functioning on each peripheral.

Key features:

  • Convert automatically your CAD data to scale 1:1 virtual digital prototype
  • Collaborate in VR sessions with key stakeholders
  • Annotate & Design volumes in VR, and send them back to your CAD system
  • Activate physics to simulate collisions
  • Incarnate manikin and edit postures to validate human factors
  • Simulate assembly processes and validate the accessibility of complex mechanical systems