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Patchwork 3D


Making it easy to use real-time rendering to shorten design cycles and boost communication and marketing needs with stunning photorealistic renders.

Patchwork 3D and its satellite solutions

Lumiscaphe’s Patchwork 3D software suite enables you to convert your original CAD data to digital aspect mockups (DAMs) for visualizing photorealistic, real-time 3D renders of your products while maintaining complete in-house control over the process.

Through a broad range of 3D visualization solutions based on the digital aspect mockup, Lumiscaphe enables the design, engineering, marketing, and communication departments to design, model, employ, and share the same 3D rendering on different media (web, intranet, extranet, smartphone, tablet).

Augment CAD data

Capitalize on existing CAD data by importing them seamlessly in Patchwork 3D and leap forward into VR. Create the Digital Aspect Mockup (DAM) by designing the materials, seams, and all variants of your prototype.

One content for all usages

Use Patchwork 3D in every department. The DAM can be used to review and share projects, with dedicated VR hardware, online, or with mobile devices.

Less physical mockups

With the DAM, the need for a physical mockup to review the project will be reduced. Decrease costs, increase efficiency.