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Softvise Digital Mock-Up

High Performance Software for Quality Checks of huge CAD Models.

Softvise DMU is based upon Softvise's unique technology of visualizing huge amount.

The software enables the use to view, check and annotate huge models fast and easily.


Import CAD Data and combine several models to create a complete version.
There is no limit considering the file size as well as no FTE is required.

While importing every single part including its assigned information remains untouched. Model references and hierachies simplify manipulation and navigation.

Backing your decision:

Use Softvise DMU to find and visualize design problems.

Measure distances or angles between arbitray parts, set annotations to highlite details and define views.

All information may be exported to other software packages.

Combine CAD models with 3D-Laser Scnas and even with GIS-Data.

Additional Features:

Softvise DMU has additional effective features:

  • Camera animation and Screenshot export for simplifying documentation

  • Integrated support of 3D-Mice and gaming controllers

  • Full support of active and passive stereo PowerWall Displays

Supported CAD & GIS Formats:

  • JT



  • PTC Creo Parametric (Pro/ENGINEER)

  • Autodesk Inventor

  • IGES

  • ISO 10303 (STEP)

  • FARO

  • LiDAR (LAS/LAZ) ...

    any many other formats.


Softvise DMU runs on any standart PC with Microsoft Windows installed.