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zWall Vario

- the new mobile & versatile VR projection surface


The zWall Vario is a yet unknow compact and mobile VR presentation solution perfectly suited for offices, conference and lecture rooms.

Its height and screen angle can be manipulated with ease due to the possibility of motorized adjustment.

With dimensions of only 2.000mm (lowest adjustment) in height, 2.200mm in width and 1.240mm in depth the integration of the compact zWall Vario in your day-to-day usage poses no problem.

The zWall Vario features a 1-Chip DLP Projector offering a resolution of 1.920 x 1.080 (FullHD) with 4.000 ANSI Lumen.

As turnkey solutions we offer the zWall Vario like any of our Visual Solutions with a broad range of software packages.
Contact us for customized consulting.


You may also visit our Showroom and bring your own data to experience the quality, usability and performance of our visual stereo solutions.

Take advantage of todays possibilties in visualising your CAD data to to accelerate knowledge retention, research & development, increase workflow productivity, visualize and analyze complex processes to shorten descisions and finally raise the value-added chain in your organization.