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Glux LED Display

- High Density & High Resolution Indoor Display


Glux TVsn HD LED Display is the perfect solution if high pixel density is required or a perfect curve without angles and seams wants to be designed.

Then Glux TVsn 1.5 - 1.9mm is the ideal LED Display system if a super sharp pictire on short viewing distance is needed. Receuve a magnificent clear and sharp 4K Full HD image, seldom seen of a LED-Videowall.

Perfect to fit in TV Studios, conferences and other events, were special focus lies on a cristal sharp image. This HD precision Arc bending, and high resolution master piece is protected by sereval patents globally, and is capabale to to create perfect flexible curves, concave and convex wave installation, with no angles and no seam!


If High definition meerts special presentation requirements as dynamic curves, then TVsn will be the No.1 choice fpr creating astonishing designs.

Gluxs' TVsn special lcoking device offers omnidirectional adjustment in four ways.

This opens the possibility to perfectly adjust each panels gap, flatness and angel individually.


There is nothing comparable in the market today!