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meetiiim® by immersion


Connect & Share

Connect your devices (PC, Mac, tablets, USB keys) to Meetiiim, access to the Cloud and share your digital contents with a single ‘drag and drop’.
Forget cables and compatibility issues, Meetiiim takes care of everything and answers to multidisciplinary collaborative environments questions. Gain in efficiency and in productivity.


Create & Innovate

Boost your teams creativity! Sort out, classify, make your choice! Share without limit thanks to Meetiiim, through simple, interactive and intuitive tools.
Express yourselves in a unique and universal language: the 3D. Meetiiim manages complex 3D CAD models. Exchange, modify and collaborate in real-time around digital mockups.


Collaborate better & Decide faster

More than words, contents transform ideas into actions.
With Meetiiim, the meetings are not only information exchanges places, but real decision-making centers.
Share, interact, annotate and modify. With Meetiiim, your meetings take another dimension!


Save & Take the data with you

Reveal and leverage your knowledge. Meetiiim records all your exchanges and helps reports writing.
Thanks to Meetiiim, the participants can synchronize their devices and take all the exchanged information immediately when the meeting ends.