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- the PowerWall for your Desktop


Passive Beamsplitter Technology

A passive beamsplitter mirror bisects the angle formed between the two monitors, and there is a fine mechanical adjustment for the mirror angle between the two displays.
One side of the glass mirror features a reflective coating, while the other side has an anti-reflective coating to minimize secondary reflections.
The mirror has been treated with a hard top coating to accommodate cleaning.


Software Compatibility

OpenGL. The SONIC4K unit is compatible with OpenGL stereo applications. Currently an appropriate AMD FirePro GPU is required to drive the two monitors with DP signals.
Stereo viewing of professional applications is typically realized in clone mode where most of the same information is duplicated on the left and right monitor, except for the stereo imagery.
In other words, the desktop, windows, and menus are identical, but the bottom monitor shows the left eye image while the top monitor exhibits the right eye image. 


Large 28″ Screens – Adjustable viewing angle

The Sonic4K system has an adjustable angle of the screens.
It’s a true 4K 3840x2160 UHD solution using 2x 28” (71 cm) LED-Monitors, 5 ms, (h/v) 170° / 160°).
The image for the upper display is flipped inside the AMD GPU.


SONIC4K – Full-HD Stereo Mirror Display linear polarization including:

  • SONIC stand (metal) with adjustable angle and VESA mount

  • SONIC Stereo-Mirror

  • 2x 28” (71cm) LED-Monitors (3.840 x 2.160, 5 ms, (h/v) 170° / 160°, DVI-D, 100 – 240V, UL/c-UL, FCC-Class B, CE, RoHS)

  • 2 pairs of foldable linear eyewear, weight approx. 40kg.


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