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Polhemus Patriot


PATRIOT is the cost effective solution for  six degree-of-freedom tracking and 3D digitizing.
The perfect answer for the position/orientation sensing requirements of 3D applications and
environments where cost is a primary concern. Ideal for head tracking, biomechanical analysis,
graphic and cursor control, and stereotaxic localization


Now available

Multi-OS (MacOSX, Linux, WinXP) Device Driver Please contact us upon request.

Two Solutions in One

The PATRIOT is a 3D digitizer and a dual sensor motion tracker, making it perfect
for a wide array of applications requiring medium resolution, accuracy, and range.
Computing the position and orientation of a small sensor as it moves through space,
provides dynamic, real-time measurements of position (X, Y, and Z Cartesian
coordinates) and orientation (azimuth, elevation, and roll).

Real-time Measurement

Measuring position and orientation in real time, the PATRIOT can update data
continuously, discretely (point by point), or incrementally. You can mount up to two
sensors on head or hands to capture real-time data for virtual reality or simulator
environments. With the optional stylus, you can trace the outline of a physical object or
collect polygon facets and get pinpoint accuracy of unlimited X, Y, and Z data points.

A/C Magnetics

Quiet and stable, the system is essentially unaffected by facility power grids. Update
rates are always maintained, as A/C magnetics offer the best signal-to-noise ratios and
incorporate sophisticated digital signal processing capabilities. In addition, adaptive
filtering is available as a standard feature.