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A.R.T. Advanced Realtime Tracking ARTTRACK5/C 

ART’s unique cave cameras are especially designed for multi-sided projections (e.g. CAVE or I-Space). The camera lenses look through small holes drilled into the corners of the projection screens and make the rest of the tracking system disappear within the virtual landscape.

Our new cave solution ARTTRACK5/C has been improved with a housing construction that is more adjustable and even simpler to install.

The small head of the camera with a diameter of only 36.5 mm is connected to the electronic box via a flexible cable which means that the integration of ART motion tracking into your immersive projection system can be neater and less obtrusive than ever before.

As a derivate of the ARTTRACK5 the ARTTRACK5/C model provides all the high-performance features plus:

  • Separate lens head and electronics box

  • Can be used with all multi-sided projection systems

  • Extremely discrete visual appearance due to camera head diameter of only 36.5 mm

  • Tracks a 300% larger volume per camera than TRACKPACK/C