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XPAND 3D Radio Frequency (RF) Emitter 

XPAND 3D Radio Frequency (RF) Emitter generates the Radio Frequency signal (for example Bluetooth®) that synchronizes the active 3D glasses with the digital display device (projector for example).


Compatible Glasses



Technical Specifications

  • Type of Synchronization: Radio Frequency (RF)

  • 3D Synchronization Protocol In: VESA Stereo

  • 3D Synchronization Protocol Out: FHD3D RF protocol

  • Shuttering Frequency: 96 Hz, 100 Hz, 120 Hz, 144 Hz, 192 Hz and 240 Hz

  • High Frequency Rate: Yes

  • Connector Type: Mini-DIN 3 (VESA Stereo)

  • Setup: Plug&Play;

  • Coverage Range: 25 m typical, 10 m minimum (distance from the emitter)

  • Power: VESA powered, no external power supply needed

  • Weight: 76,5 g