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RealD Pro StereoGraphics CE4s


New CrystalEyes 4s IR based Shutter eye-wear with highest contrast in new comfortable design.

RealD PRO designed its new CrystalEyes 4s to offer the best 3D graphics in active stereo technology. The new CE4s eye-wear is light, more comfortable, has a 30% longer usage time, and is performance-accelerated for the most demanding all-day use.
Building on CE 3’s and CE4 reliability, CE4s will not cause eye strain or flicker, and is not prone to synch-signal interference from ambient light.
Overmolded rubber arms are spring-loaded for optimal comfort and still fit over prescription glasses.

CE4s works with all RealD Pro StereoGraphics IR Emitters.


Key benefits:

  • Works with all RealD Pro StereoGraphics IR Emitters

  • Light weight for all-day wear (only 67 grams)

  • Internal rechargeable battery with USB charger included - 35 hour use – reduce waste & increase reliability

  • Auto power off if active signal not received to save battery life

  • Resists ambient light synch signal interference

  • Unprecedented 5000:1 contrast – perfect images

  • 1.7ms response time – no eye strain

  • Special Transport case for 5, 10 or 30 pairs of glasses and accessories available.



NEW: Special Version for ART Advanced Realtime Tracking compatibility available! Please contact us.