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nVis Virtual Binoculars SV


The Virtual Binoculars SV is a handheld, interactive, immersive display system supporting SVGA resolution and 3D stereo.


Virtual Binocular SX Hand-Held Display features:

  • 800 x 600 full color

  • Stereoscopic 3D

  • 8 programmable USB compatible joystick buttons

  • joystick compatible "scroll" wheel that can be used for zoom

  • Tracker Mount

Mechanical features include focus adjustment, interpupillary distance adjustment, and mouse-compatible buttons and “scroll” wheel on the top of the unit. The buttons can be programmed using any software tool kit that supports mouse gestures. Uses for the buttons include toggling reticules and indicators, zoom control, and motion control in virtual environments.
The Virtual Binoculars are housed in a rugged plastic clamshell housing with sides cushioned by ergonomic rubber grips. A wheel underneath of the shell adjusts interpupillary distance. The binocular display system is designed for easy and unobtrusive mounting of tracking sensors.

The system can be adapted on a custom basis to simulate practically any binocular optical instrument. Successful implementations include simulated endoscope eyepieces, spotting scopes, and a number of vehicle-mounted sighting and presentation systems.