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Force Dimension 3-DOF DELTA


The 3-DOF DELTA haptic device is a versatile and highly adaptable solution designed for applications that require strong forces and a large workspace. With a changeable end-effector and a modular design the DHD-3-DOF is an ideal tool for research and development.

It offers 3 active degrees-of-freedom in translation and was designed to display highfidelity, high-quality kinesthetic and tactile information. Thanks to its unique parallel mechanical conception, the Delta Haptic Device can convey a large range of forces over a large workspace, unlike other haptic structures which have either limited force capability or smaller workspace. In addition, parallel mechanics along with base-mounted actuators leads to high stiffness and very low inertia. These characteristics make the Delta Haptic Device one of the best haptic tools available today.

The DELTA-3-DOF can also be upgraded to the 6-DOF model.