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Arrington Research

- ViewPoint EyeTracker Systems


ViewPoint EyeTracker ® systems are affordable, easy, accurate & reliable.
Over 1000 systems sold worldwide for the use in psychology, neuroscience, marketing research, sports, training and usability and many other fields.

The Arrington eye trackers are available as Head Fixed and Scene Camera solutions or can be integrated in nearly any available HMD system in the market (wearable solution).

The ViewPoint software provides the backbone for all ARRINGTON eye tracking products. A powerful combination of reliable data, easy user interface and sophisticated controls a complete eye movement monitoring environment.
The ViewPoint EyeTracker® user interface makes eye tracking easy. The eye tracker provides the user with pre-set defaults that are appropriate for most situations and also provides serious control to override those defaults. Preferred settings can be saved and reloaded automatically at start-up to save time. nVis recommends the ViewPoint EyeTracker for advanced research and training applications requiring precision eye-tracking capability. The nVisor SX is a state-of-the-art head mounted display (HMD) for advanced virtual reality applications.
 For an affordable and turnkey wearable computing eye tracker system we can provide the TRIVISIO Scout HMD integrated with ViewPoint EyeTracking. A complete monocular system supplied with the HMD integrated with the ViewPoint EyeTracker. Arrington trackers can be integrated in nearly any HMD and are available as stand-alone systems.

Please contact us for further assistance and a customized solution.