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VRLOGIC Modular Case Solution

- For 5 to 30 pairs of CE4s Shutterglasses


Representative, lightweight Aluminium case system (Master) for a save transport and storage from 5 pairs of RealD Pro CE4s Shutterglasses and a separate area for accessories like a cables, emitter or a USB charger. Robust and noble design with lockable comfort quicklocks and Aluminium profiles.
If the accessories area in the Master Case is not needed, there is another inlay available (optional) which can take a total of 10 pairs of CE4s shutterglasses.
The Master Case can be extended with an additional sub-case (optional) which is attached to the Master with 4 case locks on the side. This sub-case can take another 20 pairs of RealD Pro CE4s Shutterglasses.  So a total of up to 30 pairs can be stored.