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Digital Projection E-Vision 7500 WUXGA 3D


As well as the addition of HD-BaseT connectivity for transmission of uncompressed High Definition Video over standard CAT5e/6 LAN cable, the E-Vision 7500 also has 3D functionality supporting Frame Packing, Side by Side and Top Bottom.


The Brightness

Utilizing 2 efficient 350W lamps, this Single Chip DLP projector produces a brightness of 8,000 Lumens with a lamp life of 2,000 hours or 4,000 hours in sequential mode.


The Picture

The video processing has built in image enhancement for MPEG, Mosquito noise & Colour Transients in composite sources, ensuring the best possible display at a very competitive price point.


The Lens Variety

A variety of fixed and zoom lenses, ranging from .76:1 – 8.26:1 are compatible with all the current E-Vision models. It comes with an additional user swappable 6 segment RGBCMY colour wheel to ensure you can achieve the best balance of lumens and color depth to complement your application objectives and venue lighting conditions.


The Key Benefits

  • Multiple 3D Formats: HDMI 1.4 Frame Packing, Side by Side, Top Bottom and Frame-Sequential(60Hz).
  • Dual Flash Processing can be used to multiply the displayed frame rate for 3D sources (example 144Hz display)
  • High Bandwidth Digital & Analog Receiver with 10 Bit A-D.
  • Automatic detection of interlaced video and implements 3:2 or 2:2 extraction as appropriate, with pixel based, motion adaptive interpolation and auto cadence correction.