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GGS Softmouse 3D 

- 3D Positioning Device for professional photogrammetry systems


The new Softmouse 3D - USB has been completely reengineered and now sports a standard USB interface, precise laser X,Y mouse navigation and a comfortable silicone top keyboard.  
The Softmouse 3D is the successor of the original Immersion SoftMouse and like its predecessor it is supported by all major brands of photogrammetry software.
The package includes a WINQUAL certified Windows driver that makes it 100% compatible with legacy software that works with the original mouse via serial ports.
The driver supports Windows XP and Windows 7 both in 32 and 64 bits.

The SoftMouse positioning device offers unparalleled ease of integration and comfortable two-handed operation for 3D photogrammetry systems used for mapping, GIS surveys, strategic military planning, and other applications.

The new distribution includes detailed documentation to configure all major photogrammetric packages which include:  LPS, Socet Set, Socet GXP, and ImageStation.  
The driver has been tested with all of these packages. This opens up the Softmouse 3D market to all major players in the photogrammetric industry. 


Easy to Use, Easy to Integrate 

Using the accompanying Interface Box and the included software developer’s kit, you can easily incorporate the inputs from SoftMouse optical encoders, function keys, and trigger buttons into your application.
The SoftMouse device is fully and easily customizable for taking complete advantage of end-user software features.
The SoftMouse includes the Immersion Interface Box, cables, power supply and software developer's kit.