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UV Station


Ultraviolet station – a portable disinfection and storage system used in different applications like cinemas, nursing homes, kindergartens, and many more.

It’s safe and easy to use with a new safety feature that turns off the incorporated UVC lamps as soon as the door opens.

Why UV station?

UV light consists of three components: UVA, UVB, and UVC. For disinfection purposes, the optimal wavelengths reside within the UVC range, especially the range of 250 – 270 nm, making it a powerful germicide and virucide. UVC radiation prevents cell division and reproduction of microorganisms such as bacteria, spores, mildews, and viruses, effectively inactivating more than 99% of these organisms in just a few minutes. The lamps have a 255 nm range, also known as a germicidal spectrum, which is the wavelength considered as the most effective against microorganisms.

Easy and safe to use

Features such as a single ON/OFF button and a maximum rack lifting a weight of less than 2 kg (4.4 lbs.) making the system easy to use and handle. The system has a safety feature which means that as soon as the door is opened, a corresponding locking mechanism switches off the incorporated UVC lamps thus keeping the user safe while operating. Once the doors are closed, the UV Station will continue the disinfection cycle where it left off. UV Station ensures reliable, sterile results without the use of additional chemicals, therefore making it useable in a broad range of applications.

Practical and portable

The 3D glasses racks are customized to fi­t different models of 3D glasses and the station can successfully disinfect up to 252 glasses at once. UV Station is also portable and can be placed or transported anywhere where it can maximize the use of labor resources.


The killing power of UVC light increases as the distance from the lamps to the object being cleaned decreases. That is why the four Sylvania UVC lamps are strategically positioned to maximize light efficiency. In addition to the position of the UVC lights, the proprietary, aluminum sheet metal interior, directs UVC light reflections back towards the 3D glasses increasing the lamp ef­ficiency and reducing the cycle time needed to eliminate microorganisms. The lamps have an average life of 8000 hours which means that you can actively use the station for years without the need to replace the laps making UV Station extremely low maintenance and cost effi­cient.