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Active shutter glasses with radiofrequency synchronization.

Comfortable ergonomic design delivering a great 3D experience with no eye fatigue.

No silver screen required.

Extremely stable long-range usage

The EDGE RF 3D active glasses use radiofrequency to synchronize to the image. This technology offers extremely stable long-range synchronization. This ensures great efficiency in installations with competing technologies such as IR motion tracking systems likely used in PowerWalls.

Bright images and natural colors with the best residual light on the market. 18.5% of Light Efficiency. Radiofrequency synchronization avoids interference from other devices.

The glasses run on li-ion batteries for up to 75 hours and can be recharged using a Micro-USB cable.

Key features

  • Connection type: RF
  • Battery life: up to 75 hours
  • Contrast: 940:1 (no ghosting)
  • Light efficiency: 18.5%
  • Weight: 56g
  • Arm sizes: S, M, L