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Hardware - Select by Use Case


Following the endeavour of creating turnkey solutions for all VR demands, we consider high-performance
hardware as essential.

Feel free to explore the high-diversity selection
of VR hardware below:

Hardware - Use Case

ColorLink Japan - Mini-zScreen

A mobile passive 3D visualization solution for design & presentation.

Polhemus - FastSCAN II

The FastSCAN II Laser Scanner is a perfect solution for quick 3D Scans.

3D Connexion - SpaceMouse Pro

The perfect solution for professional users requiring performance & intuitive handling.

3D Connexion - SpaceNavigator

The perfect solution for occassional users demanding stylish and intuitive interaction.

3D Systems - Geomagic Touch

3D Systems' haptic device can be enhanced with Phantom Premium and X.

GGS - Softmouse 3D

Softmouse 3D seamlessly integrates into photogrammetric production environments.

Stealth International - Stealth Mouse

The Stealth Mouse is available in four different models.

Barco - Single Chip Lamp

The F35 & F50 series are Barco's high performance DLP projectors.

Barco - Single Chip Laser

Barco's F90 projectors offer stunning image quality with laser phosphor light source.

Christie - 3-Chip

Christie's Mirage series is the most installed 3D 3DLP projector series in the world.

Digital Projection - Single Chip Lamp

E-Vision & M-Vision series with single chip lamp DLP technology.

Digital Projection - Single Chip Laser

E-Vision & M-Vision series with single chip laser DLP technology.

Digital Projection - 3-Chip

The HIGHlite and INSIGHT Projectors use 3-Chip DLP Laser technology.

5DT - Data Gloves Ultra

The 5DT Glove aims at satisfying the stringent requirements of modern Motion Capture.

CyberGlove Systems - CyberForce

A force feedback armature that conveys realistic grounded forces to the hand & arm.

CyberGlove Systems - CyberGlove

CyberGlove II & III deliver an ultimate hand & fingers capture solution.

CyberGlove Systems - CyberGrasp

CyberGrasp is an innovative force feedback system for your fingers and hand.

CyberGlove Systems - CyberTouch

The CyberTouch I & II systems are a tactile feedback option for the CyberGlove.

ColorLink Japan - EXXR Emitter

Allows simple emitter setup in large rooms and also for multi-sided CAVE environments.

Digital IMAGE - MPIR Mark II

Multi Protocol IR Emitter with BNC Connector to drive IR Shutter glasses.

XPAND - IR Emitter

Infrared signal that synchronizes active 3D glasses with any digital display device.

XPAND - RF Emitter

It generates the RF signal to synchronizes 3D glasses with the display device.

XPAND - RF Emitter Pro

The RF Emitter Pro features wider range of frequency.

XPAND - White Flash Converter

Any type of 3D sync signal emitter can be connected with this small unit.

Force Dimension - delta.3

With its large workspace, the delta.3 offers an ideal solution for virtual reality theaters.

Force Dimension - delta.6

It further enhances the capabilities of the delta.3 by introducing an active wrist effector.

Force Dimension - omega.3

The 3 DOF kinematics interface features its own real-time embedded controller.

Force Dimension - omega.6 & 7

Its design provides perfect decoupling of translations and rotations.

Force Dimension - sigma.7

The sigma.7 introduces 7 active DOF, including high precision grasping capabilities.

Haption - Able

The Able is available as version 4DOF, 5DOF & 7DOF with left or right configuration.

Haption - Virtuose 3D

The Virtuose 3D is especially suited for scale one manipulations in large workspaces.

Haption - Virtuose 3D Desktop

The Virtuose 3D Desktop is designed for bidirectional interactivity.

Haption - Virtuose 6D

The Virtuose 6D combines a high force feedback in 6DOF with a large range.

Haption - Virtuose 6D Desktop

An active, desktop-sized haptic device providing 6DOF.

Brother - AiRScouter WD-200B

Brother's HMD is a compact device that easily connects to various medical instruments.

Brother - AiRScouter WD-300 Series

Advanced HMD which puts high definition content directly in front of your eye.

Cinoptics - AIRO

The AIRO series was developed by Cinoptics especially for AR applications.

Cinoptics - AIRO II

AIRO II is a welcome addition to the existing AIRO series based on FLCoS Technology.

Cinoptics - AIRO Helm

Ideal for training and simulation, navigation, logistics and maintenance support.

Cinoptics - ARGON

ARGON is Cinoptics’ Simulated Virtual Binocular for professional VR applications.

Cinoptics - COBALT

The COBALT is defined by its new ergonomic comfort, lightweight and wide FOV.

Cinoptics - STORMCLOUD

STORMCLOUD is the Simulated Enhanced Helmet Mounted Sight Display by Cinoptics.

Cinoptics - SKYE

A USB 3.0 Camera Module can be integrated in all Cinoptics devices and other HMDs.

nVis - nVisor MH60

The MH60 is a helmet compatible display for industrial use cases.

nVis - nVisor ST50

The nVisor ST is similar to the nVisor SX but offers see-through capabilities.

nVis - Ranger 35 | 47

The Ranger 35 | 47 is a hand-held, interactive, immersive display system.

nVis - Virtual Binocular SV

It is a hand-held, immersive HMD supporting SVGA resolution and stereo.

ColorLink Japan - RealD CE4s

RealD designed new CrystalEyes to offer the best 3D graphics in active stereo technology.

Eyes3Shut - Odyssey

Active 3D Glasses DLP® Link for professional use cases.

Eyes3Shut - Omega

The new Omega eyewear is rechargeable and compatible with optical tracking systems.

Eyes3Shut - Purple Two

Purple Two has been updated from the broadly used all-rounder, the Purple One.

Infitec - Passive Glasses

Simplex II, Plus & Space are the pinnacle of Infitec's engineering skills.

Volfoni - EDGE 1.2

The EDGE 1.2 shutter glasses are synchronized by an infrared signal.

Volfoni - EDGE RF

Active shutterglasses with radio frequency synchronization.

Volfoni - EDGE VR

EDGE VR are active 3D glasses that use either radio frequency or infra-red technology.

Volfoni - Fit

Active glasses for 3D DLP projectors without additional emitters needed.

XPAND - 3D Glasses Lite RF & IR

XPAND delivers extremely lightweight design featuring the RF or IR technology.


The Lite Family was designed on the basis of XPAND’s home cinema quality glasses.

XPAND - Edux 3 3D Glasses

To meet the special demands of the education sector, the Edux 3 uses DLP Link.

XPAND - Infinity 3D Glasses

The successor of Model X101 fills all needs of today's cinematic exhibition.

XPAND - Pi Cinema 3D Glasses

XPAND Pi Cinema 3D Glasses give an optimal 3D experience.


The ARTRACK5 is the world’s most accurate & reliable motion tracking camera system.

A.R.T. - Fingertracking

This add-on lets you track the orientation & the position of the fingers and hand.

A.R.T. - Flystick2

The Flystick2 is A.R.T.'s broadly used interaction device for wireless VR experience.

A.R.T. - Flystick3

A wireless interaction device optimized for A.R.T.'s SMARTTRACK.


The SMARTTRACK is the plug & play tracking solution for small volumes.


The TRACKPACK/E offers superior quality, price ratio & high versatility.

Polhemus - FASTRAK

The FASTRAK is a perfect solution for computing position & orientation in space.

Polhemus - G4

The G4 is a true wireless data transmitting tracking system enabling you to move freely.


Polhemus' top choice for wireless, self-contained, large area tracking.

Polhemus - LIBERTY

Polhemus' fastest, most accurate, scalable electromagnetic tracker.

Polhemus - Micro Sensor 1.8

The 6DOF millimeter-sized embeddable sensor for high precision tracking.

Polhemus - PATRIOT

The PATRIOT is the cost effective solution for 6DOF tracking and 3D digitizing.

Polhemus - PATRIOT Wireless

The PATRIOT Wireless provides consistent, high-quality tracking while being untethered.


The SONIC 4 feature innovative StereoMirror technology.

Digital Projection - Radiance LED

An ultra-bright solution for seamless vivid imagery in any ambient light.

zSpace - 200

The zSpace 200 is the successor of the revolutionary 24“ display.

zSpace - AIO & AIO Pro

The AIO & AIO Pro combine VR and AR interaction with an all-in-one computer.

3DIMS & VRLOGIC - CornerWall

An immersive visual solution with minimum space requirements.

3DIMS & VRLOGIC - zWall & Vario

Mobile and versatile VR visualization solution with an oblique projection surface.

Norxe - Single Chip LED

The Norxe P1 projector is utilizing the next generation LED illumination technology.

CaptoGlove - Smart Glove

CaptoGlove is a wireless, wearable controller for gaming and smart devices.

zSpace - Laptop

zSpace learning experience on the world's first AR/VR Laptop.

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