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PS-Tech's Pico is the smallest member of the PST tracking family. With the size of a pair of glasses, it fits almost anywhere.

User interaction tracking when small size matters

Thanks to its wide field of view and accuracy at close distances of up to 1.5 m, the Pico is the solution for tracking user interaction in small spaces. It is best suited for placement on a monitor, in a small simulator, or in any installation where tracking needs to be integrated at close range.

PS-Tech's easy-to-use SDK offers a native C++ API and a REST API for controlling and receiving real-time tracking data. Plugins for Unreal and Unity will be available soon.

Key features

  • Calibration-free user interaction tracker
  • Tracking distances from 5cm up to 1.5m
  • Field of view 110° (horizontal), 100° (vertical)
  • Adjustable infrared flash and frame rate of up to 50 Hz
  • Available in aluminium and black