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Iris HD


The PST Iris HD is the premium version of the Iris optical tracking system. It is designed for tracking with high precision in front of big Powerwalls and in large working areas.

Highly accurate tracking within large volumes

Large workspaces, large distances and highest accuracy - the Iris HD is the greatest member of the PST tracking family. Its resolution and refresh rate can be adjusted to enable highly accurate motion tracking in almost any setup.

PS-Tech's easy-to-use SDK offers a native C++ API and a REST API for controlling and receiving real-time tracking data. Plugins for Unreal and Unity will be available soon.

Key features

  • Calibration-free bar-tracker
  • Tracking distances from 50cm up to 7m
  • Field of view 80° (horizontal), 70° (vertical)
  • Adjustable frame rate of up to 200 Hz