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The small but powerful Micro Sensor 1.8 is a tiny motion tracking sensor that tracks in full 6DOF (Degrees- of-Freedom), capturing precise measurements of both position and orientation, and delivering tracking speeds up to 240Hz.

Small Matters

Weighing in at less than one gram, and boasting a slender size, at 1.8mm OD (Outer Diameter), Micro Sensor 1.8 is ideal for attaching to objects, such as surgical and dental instruments, and more. Micro Sensor delivers high-fidelity tracking that can measure the slightest movement of a skilled surgeon, or the robust fingers of a world-class guitarist. This tiny sensor can be inserted into a catheter, and is completely embeddable, while maintaining full 6DOF tracking.

Performance & Specifications

Micro Sensor is compatible with several Polhemus tracking systems. Accuracy is specific to the Polhemus tracking system selected.
Liberty - 240Hz - 1-16 sensors
G4 - 120Hz - 1-3 sensors
Fastrak - 120Hz - 1-4 sensors
Patriot - 60Hz - 1-2 sensors


Full 6DOF, without cameras
Completely embeddable
No line-of-sight needed
Weighs less than one gram
Update rates up to 240Hz
Track up to 16 sensors simultaneously
Multiple tracking system options


Learn more about the Polhemus Micro Sensor 1.8 in the download section: