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When only the best will do, LIBERTY is the top choice motion tracking system for professionals and top researchers that require high-fidelity performance.

High-speed for accurate motion tracking

High speed and scalable. At 240 updates per second, LIBERTY continues to impress, delivering full 6DOF data, with virtually no latency - at less than 4ms. The system comes equipped with distortion detection, a high-quality data assurance standard. Utilizing our proprietary AC electromagnetic technology, LIBERTY requires no line-of-sight, and allows for continuous tracking. The system comes standard with four sensor channels, with optional upgrades to 8, 12, or 16. LIBERTY works with standard sensors and is fully compatible with Micro Sensors.


Two models are available and both are upgradeable. Simply add additional sensors to the existing system, or increase capability further by upgrading with additional hardware for a maximum of 16 sensors per system.

Easy and intuitive user interface

LIBERTY comes standard with a comprehensive and easy-to-use Software Developers Kit (SDK). The GUI allows four independent user-definable profiles for setting system parameters such as filtering, output formats, coordinate rotations, and many more. This is a valuable feature for multiple applications or users. For visualization, an integrated motion box provides navigable points of view and can include text data. Additional features include a data record/playback component, plus the capability to quickly export data via Microsoft® “Named Pipe”.


    • Update rate: 240Hz per sensor
    • Interface: USB; RS-232 to 115, 200 Baud rate, both standard
    • Latency: approximately 3.5 milliseconds
    • Power requirements: 100-240 VAC, 50 – 60Hz, single phase, 50W