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The ultra-portable digital scanner.


When you need a fast and easy way to create 3D objects - in real-time - look to the revolutionary FastSCAN COBRA® or SCORION® 3D Handheld Laser Scanner. Now with higher Accuracy!

The new FastSCAN Cobra II™ is 30% less expensive and 50% smaller, while retaining all functional capability, allowing continued ease of use and greater portability.

FastSCAN Cobra II™ instantly acquires three dimensional surfaces by gathering measurements made by smoothly sweeping a handheld laser scanning wand over an object - in a manner similar to spray painting.
The object's image instantly appears on your computer screen and the finished scan is processed to combine any overlapping sweeps, significantly reducing the time to develop surface models of virtually any object with little or no metal content.
The three-dimensional data can then be saved in industry-standard formats for loading into other programs.

FastSCAN Cobra II™ is designed to scan non-metallic, opaque objects.
The scanner works by casting a fan of laser light over the object, while cameras on the Wand view the laser from either side to record cross-sectional profiles of the object. A magnetic tracker is used to determine the position and orientation of the Wand, enabling the computer to reconstruct the full three-dimensional surface of the object.

Movable objects may be scanned by attaching a second Tracker Receiver to the object.

Built upon the same technology as the COBRA™, the two-camera SCORPION™ system allows more detail to be captured with each sweep of the handheld scanning wand.
Each camera on the wand views the reflected laser line independently which expedites data acquisition.
The SCORPION system allows better coverage with fewer data dropouts due to occlusion.

Scanning is fast, particularly helpful when scanning more complex 3D surfaces.


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