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The Scanner that Goes Where You Go.

FastSCAN II is a handheld, lightweight, laser scanner that produces scans instantly - with an ultra-portable system bundled in a compact case.

Instant 3D Scanning

FastSCAN II instantly measures 3D shapes by simply sweeping a handheld wand over an object. The wand is extremely lightweight and an optional rechargeable battery makes the system ultra-portable, making the FastSCAN II flexible, and easy to take on the go for the day. Scanning moveable objects is easier than ever, as the system reference receiver allows you to turn and rotate objects while scanning. FastSCAN II is easy to set up and seamlessly captures complex 3D images in real time. Unpacking to scanning takes less than two minutes.

User-Friendly Software

Flexible and intuitive, the FastSCAN II software allows the user a variety of options, such as adjusting scanning resolutions, linear measurements, customizing scan sweeps, and controlling 3D views such as solid, wireframe or point and rotate, zoom, center and scale. Stylus mode for pinpoint reference marks on the digitized surface. Export formats to 3D Studio Max, AutoCAD, and many more.

Key Features

Fast, flexible & highly portableCreate instant real-time 3D images anytime and anywhere

Lightweight and Compact - Complete system comes with carrying case

Auto stiches 3D images as you scan - Scans stitch together in real-time, eliminating post-processing or the need to place registration marks on the object

Surface editing - Select and delete raw data points from sweeps, allowing for raw scan modification

Export to industry standard formats - More than a dozen export formats included