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 The most accurate electromagnetic motion tracking system available, FASTRAK® is the perfect solution for accurately computing position and orientation through space.



With real-time, 6 Degrees-of-Freedom (6DOF) tracking and virtually no latency, this award-winning system is ideal for head, hand, and instrument tracking, as well as biomedical motion and limb rotation, graphic and cursor control, stereotaxic localization, telerobotics, digitizing, and pointing.
FASTRAK has been the workhorse of the industry since its introduction.

Real Time

Virtually no latency. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology provides 4ms latency updated at 120 Hz. Data is transmitted via USB or RS-232 to the host at up to 115.2 K Baud.

Improved Accuracy and Resolution
Accuracy of 0.03 inches RMS with a resolution of 0.0002 inches per inch makes this the most precise device of its kind.


Standard operational range is 4 to 6 feet; 10 foot range is obtainable. The optional TX4 or Long RangerTM transmitters allow significantly longer ranges of operation.


The pioneer of 3D position/orientation measuring devices, in business since 1970. Real-time self- calibration ensures the unit never needs adjustment. 

Multiple Output Formats

Position in Cartesian coordinates (inches or centimeters); orientation in direction cosines, Euler angles, or quaternions. 

Angular Coverage

The receivers are all-attitude with no limits.


Solid state electronics. 

Two Solutions in One

FASTRAK is a 3D digitizer and a quad receiver motion tracker, making it perfect for a wide range of applications requiring high resolution, accuracy, and range. By computing the position and orientation of a small receiver as it moves through space, it provides dynamic, real-time measurements of position (X, Y, and Z Cartesian coordinates) and orientation (azimuth, elevation, and roll).

Up to Four Receivers

FASTRAK comes standard with a Microsoft Windows® GUI. With a single transmitter, FASTRAK accepts data from up to four receivers. Because FASTRAK uses proprietary low-frequency magnetic transducing technology, there’s no need to maintain a clear line-of-sight between receivers and transmitters.

A/C Magnetics

Quiet and stable, the system is essentially unaffected by facility power grids. Update rates are always maintained, as A/C magnetics offer the best signal-to-noise ratios and incorporate sophisticated digital signal processing capabilities. In addition, adaptive filtering is available as a standard feature.


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