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A compact, tetherless tracker that allows for uninhibited movement. Harnessing high-performance, real-time 6DOF data.

The 6DOF compact, three-sensor wireless tracker for complete freedom of movement

G4 is a wireless motion tracking system that delivers full 6DOF (6 Degree-Of-Freedom) tracking, providing both position and orientation without hybrid technologies. Allowing the user complete freedom of movement, the entire system can be set up in minutes. As with all Polhemus tracking systems, G4 utilizes our proprietary AC electromagnetic technology. This means G4 tracks through most walls, as no line-of-sight is required for continuous tracking. G4 works with Polhemus Standard Sensors and is fully compatible with Micro Sensors.

Expand & evolve

Each G4 hub can track up to three sensors, with an update rate of 120Hz each. Track additional objects or people by increasing the number of hubs; expand the tracking range by adding additional sources.

Key features:

  • Update rate: 120Hz per sensor, simultaneous sampling
  • Interface: Proprietary RF link; 2.4 GHz frequency-hopping architecture; USB
  • Latency: Less than 10 milliseconds in optimal RF communications conditions
  • Power requirements: source: 5 volt, 1A /hub: 5 volt, 500 mA /RF dongle: 5 volt, 30 mA (internal battery, rechargeable via USB or included power supply)