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Prime II

Manus VR

Flexibility, easy integration motion capture gloves.

The core of Manus’ next-generation motion capture gloves.

Reliable in every situation

An all-around wireless data glove that tracks individual fingers on two joints – it now supports full 11DOF on every finger. Quickly stream data directly into any desired software with the use of popular industry plugins. Prime II offers flexibility between projects, use either as a stand-alone data glove for robotics, harness its Motion Capture capabilities to deliver high fidelity finger capture during animation projects, or an easy-to-integrate VR glove ideal for simulation and virtual training.

Precise finger tracking

The flex sensors measure 2 joints per finger, enhanced with 11DOF tracking of individual fingers by the IMU’s to ensure fine finger movements. IMU drift is prevented with newly implemented automatic filters, enhanced with reference points of the robust flex sensors. This enables detailed finger spreading measurement without losing continuous quality during a live performance capture.

Interchangeable battery

All next-generation Manus Gloves come equipped with interchangeable batteries. Choose to charge the battery during use, or charge individually. Gloves instantly reconnect after swapping the battery, eliminating recalibration downtime.

Washable gloves

Manus has made Prime II gloves washable by easy removal of sensors from the glove. Additional glove textiles can be acquired separately. The sensors can simply be swap from one textile to another to use the same hardware ensuring responsible hygienic use.

Other Prime II variants:

Prime II Haptic:

The Manus Prime II Haptic gloves are next-gen in cutting-edge haptic feedback technology. The sense of physical touch is not easily replicated, with the Prime II Haptic, precision is paramount to deliver intuitive and natural interactions with low latency between the user and virtual hands.

The haptic feedback is achieved by assigning a programmable LRA haptic module to each finger looping back unique signals depending on the interactions with virtual objects and materials along with feedback applied inside the virtual experience.

Access the user-friendly dashboard and driver to calibrate and control the agnostics of your gloves where haptic feedback is fully customizable.

Xsens gloves:

The Xsens gloves have been specifically developed to work seamlessly with Xsens MVN Animate, the 3D character animation software used by industry professionals over the world. The gloves are immune to magnetic interference.

With direct integration into MVN Animate, the gloves quickly deliver real-time finger data into your existing pipeline. Breathe life into your motion capture by empowering your Xsens suit with Manus finger tracking.

Stream the finger data together with the Xsens body data as a single source.

Hardware compatibility

One of the key features of the Prime II series is the easy integration with third-party hardware. That is why the Prime II gloves come with a universal mounting system. Allowing the mounting of any type of tracker with dedicated adapters. These adapters smoothly slide on top of the Prime II series gloves.

Available adapters are:
Advanced Realtime Tracking (ART), antilatencyHTC VIVE, Oculus, OptiTrack, Vicon

Tech specs

  • Signal latency: <5ms
  • Sensor sample rate: 200Hz
  • Battery duration: 5 hours (swappable)
  • Charging: USB-C (5V)
  • Weight: 60 grams
  • Wired communication: USB-C
  • Wireless Communication: Proprietary high performance 2.4 GHz protocol (certified)
  • Tactile feedback: fully programmable vibration motor inside the casing
  • Finger sensor type: 10x 2DoF Flexible sensors and 6x 9DoF IMU’s
  • Finger flexible sensor repeatability: >1.000.000 cycles
  • Orientation sensor accuracy: +/- 2.5 degrees
  • Textile information: high gauge, antibacterial, sports polyester