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Based on the patented Delta robotic structure, the Omega Haptic Device combines light-weight aluminum bars and strong grounded actuators.


The 3-DOF OMEGA haptic device is a cost-effective desktop solution that combines state-of-the-art haptic technology with a compact design.

These contribute to a significant reduction of the inertia when compared to serial architectures commonly used in haptic devices. Furthermore, its parallel mechanics dramatically increase the stiffness and robustness of the structure, making it the strongest, most reliable point-contact haptic solution for desktop applications. With a continuous force of 12.0 Newtons, a closed loop stiffness of 14.5 Newtons per millimeter and a large workspace, the Omega exceeds in performance all other haptic devices in its class.
Among its many innovations, the Omega is the first haptic device to feature a USB 2.0 interface.

It also supports Force Dimension's standard High Performance PCI-I/O board for researchers who require high rate control over the device behavior. The software API (DHD-API) provided with the Omega offers an open software interface to the device. For programmers, it takes as little as 4 lines of 'C' code to integrate an Omega Haptic Device with their applications. For researchers, the DHD-API gives access to low-level features such as encoder readings and motor commands. Active gravity compensation is provided for both standard and custom design end-effectors.

The OMEGA offers an unmatched combination of strength and precision, making it the perfect haptic
add-on to industrial-strength applications.


Learn more about the force dimension OMEGA (3 DOF) in the download section: