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IR/RF Emitter


The IR/RF Emitter is a plug-and-play solution to synchronize infrared and radio frequency shutter glasses from E3S.

Optimal range and high customizability

The IR/RF Emitter is used for long-range synchronization of E3S shutter glasses. The signal reaches a maximum range of 100 meters, on a frequency of up to 240 Hz.

The IR/RF Emitter is compatible with E3S Omega (IR only), PurpleTwo (IR only), RF (RF only), and VR (IR+RF).

Key features:

      • Synchronization type: IR+RF
      • Transmitting range: up to 100 meters
      • Frame rates: 96 Hz, 120 Hz, 144 Hz, 192 Hz, 240 Hz
      • Power supply: 1120/220V 3,3A