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IR Omega 3D Glasses


The Omega 3D Glasses are an extremely robust, lightweight pair of infrared-controlled shutter glasses. It’s designed for cinema use and is available for rental.

VRLOGIC’s choice for visualization systems for PowerWalls or CAVEs.

Cinema quality images with no limitation

The glasses are using the certified E3S sync protocol. The glasses power on and off automatically depending on whether there is an IR signal or not. High contrast (3000:1) and high residual light ratio (18%).

The glasses run on li-ion batteries for up to 40 hours and can be easily recharged using the only charging station for 3D shutter glasses on the market.

No silver screen required; high-quality images maintained with different seating positions and angles.

Key features:

      • Connection type: IR
      • Battery life: up to 40 hours
      • Contrast: 3000:1
      • Light efficiency: 18%
      • Weight: 52g
      • Foldable arms