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  World's first “desktop” whole-hand and arm force feedback device.


CyberForce is a force feedback armature that not only conveys realistic grounded forces to the hand and arm but also provides six-degree-of-freedom positional tracking that accurately measures translation and rotation of the hand in three dimensions.

CyberForce is an option designed to work with CyberGrasp™, the award-winning, lightweight, force-reflecting exoskeleton that fits over a CyberGlove® and adds resistive force feedback to each finger. CyberForce is produced under license from SensAble Technologies, Inc.

Using CyberForce together with CyberGrasp, you can literally "hang your hand" on a virtual steering wheel, sense weight and inertia while picking up a "heavy" virtual object, or feel the impenetrable resistance of a simulated wall. CyberForce allows you to intuitively explore and interact with simulated graphical objects via the most natural interface possible – the human hand.


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