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CaptoGlove is the world’s first wireless, wearable controller for gaming and smart devices.

CaptoGlove is a smart glove with advanced technology to precisely detect a wide variety of hand and finger movements. These gestures are translated into control commands which are sent directly to connected devices (such as PCs, VR Headsets, Smart Home, Internet of Things, iOS/Android Phones and Tablets, etc) to interact and control them faster, more naturally and effectively.

CaptoGlove is designed with multiple use scenarios in mind, and can control virtually any device with its Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) connectivity. One glove can be used as a single controller or coupled with another CaptoGlove for use as a pair.

The most popular uses for CaptoGlove include as a controller for video games, PCs, mobile phones, tablets and smart home devices, as well as a healthcare rehabilitation and professional training tool (for instance, to enable simulators to read and analyze user hand movements).

Thanks to this adaptivity, CaptoGlove becomes the perfect tool in different fields, such as Gaming, Medical, Educational, Training, Robotics, Unmanned Systems Control. CaptoSensor makes your hand “live” in any scenario giving full movement tracking. These gestures are translated into control commands that are sent to other external devices (PCs, Smartphones, Tablets, VR/AR Headsets, Drones ...).

CaptoGlove works with any existing PC content and with any Smartphone game/application that has gamepad support, converting hand and finger gestures into inputs for the application you want to use it for. User can extract the CaptoSensor from each CaptoGlove in order to track any object or body movement just in stalling it. Hardware and Software versatility makes CaptoGlove able to be integrated with new sensors and applications.


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