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The plug & play tracking solution for small volumes.

Two tracking cameras and the controller are fully integrated with one housing. Its compact size makes SMARTTRACK3 the ideal mobile, out-of-the-box tracking system.

The best SMARTTRACK so far

Higher performance and robustness of the new SMARTTRACK3 allows new, more demanding applications, such as simulators, or use in moving vehicles for applications such as validation of driver observation systems.

    It is ideal for head tracking or for using an interaction device. To work in active stereo applications with SMARTTRACK3, it is possible to establish an external synchronization.

    Enhanced key features

    • Frame rate up to 240Hz (up to 150 Hz on full sensor) & Latency <10ms
    • Single-cable: Power over Ethernet
    • Passive cooling (fanless design)
    • More robust against vibrations and shocks
    • Wide field of view
    • Improved mounting options

    Typical applications are:

    • Tracking of the head position inside a moving vehicle
    • Engineering or design review at a workbench
    • Staff training in front of stereo TVs or with head-mounted displays