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The world’s only optical tracking solution inside
multi-sided projects.

Small cameras inconspicuous within the virtual landscape

ART’s unique CAVE cameras are specially designed for multi-sided projections (e.g. CAVE or I-Space). The camera lenses look through small holes drilled into the corners of the projection screens and make the rest of the tracking system disappear within the virtual landscape.

ARTTRACK5/C has been improved with a housing construction that is more adjustable and even simpler to install. The small head of the camera with a diameter of only 36.5 mm is connected to the electronic box via a flexible cable which means that the integration of ART motion tracking into your immersive projection system can be neater and less obtrusive than ever before.

Key features

As a derivate of the ARTTRACK5, the ARTTRACK5/C model provides all its high-performance features plus:

  • Separate lens head and electronics box
  • Can be used with all multi-sided projection systems
  • Extremely discrete visual appearance due to a camera head diameter of only 36.5 mm
  • Tracks a 300% larger volume per camera than TRACKPACK/C