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The 5DT Data Glove Ultra has been designed to satisfy the stringent requirements of modern Motion Capture and Animation Professionals.


It offers comfort, ease of use, a small form factor and multiple application drivers.
The high data
 quality, low cross-correlation and high data rate make it ideal for realistic realtime animation.

The Data Gloves have the following features:

Advanced Sensor Technology

Bluetooth Wireless Option

This new rate of data gloves from 5DT features a completely redesigned sensor technology. The new sensors make these gloves more comfortable and give more consistent data across a large range of hand sizes.
Cross-correlation has been reduced significantly. 

A wireless option is available, based on the latest Bluetooth technology for high bandwidth, wireless connectivity up to a range of 20m. The wireless kit can run for 8 hours off a single battery pack. The battery pack can be exchanged in seconds when necessary.

5 and 14 Sensor Gloves Available

Cross-Platform SDK

The 5DT Data Glove Ultra range is available in a 5 sensor and a 14 sensor configuration with a host of options such as right- and left-handed versions.

The glove SDK is available for Windows as weeks as Linux and UNI. It is also possible to interface the glove without the SDK since it has an open-source communications protocol.

Interface options

Wide Application Support

The Ultra Range of data gloves now comes standard with a USB interface, eliminating the need for an external power supply. An open-source, open-platform serial interface is available for workstation or embedded applications.

The 5DT Data Glove is now supported in most of the leading 3D modeling and animation packages.


Learn more about the 5DT Data Gloves in the download section: