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VRLOGIC GmbH specializes in consulting, sales and support of hardware, software, complete solutions and services in the field of professional Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 3D applications.With more than 25 years of experience and partnerships with trend-setting companies in the industry, this enables us to offer consulting services tailored to each individual use case. In addition, VRLOGIC GmbH operatesa demo center near Frankfurt, which offers the unique opportunity to experience leading software applications and VR/ AR/ 3D visualization solutions on site and to evaluate them with your own CAD data.


Andreas Schöbel

Managing Director

Starting more than 25 years ago when VR was still in its infancy was not easy. Together with my brother Christian and a great team, we were then able to bring our vision to fruition. Now with partnerships thatspan across the globe, and accomplished projects that have contributed to the VR industry, we have established a large customer database. The competition is big and only through hard work and perseverance, we are where we are today.

Although I love what I dothe stress levels never lessen andI found my outlet in long distance running. Three marathons later together with a couple of races, I now run regularly, no matter the weather. I am most creative when I run but what is the real pull for me? It is notin the winning, but knowing that I gave it my best, for me I have already won.

Christian Schöbel

Managing Director

I founded my first trading company for computer systems in 1986 while I was still studying. Following which I then expanded my knowledge and specialized in technologies and solutions for virtual reality and stereo 3D visualization. Because of this, I was able to identify manufacturers with market potential at an early stage, who remain in VRLOGIC’s portfolio and are now market leaders in their fields.Besides being aconsultant for visualization solutions, I am also responsible for finances, business development and training in the company.

Privately, technology is not important to me. I prefer to spend my free time with family and friends, my koi carpsor my passion for beekeeping, cooking and welding.

Mark Fehling

Account Manager

During my time at the Goethe University in Frankfurt studying economics, I worked as an executive assistance with VRLOGIC where I was able to gain significant insights into different business development processes and to participate in a variety of projects.

In my present role as an account manager, I work with customers and partners worldwide - primarily in the integration of virtual reality in the education sector. The most satisfying part of my job is working with projects that are so varied which brings about great conversations with my colleagues for new ideas and solutions. And if there's a free half-hour, there’s nothing stopping us chatting about Eintracht Frankfurt or awesome rock bands!

Lars Hübner

VR Solutions Specialist/Sales & Support

My journey started off when I went on to pursue my further vocational education with the Landrat-Gruber-Schule in Dieburg majoring in Informatics Management. This then brought me to VRLOGIC where I continued as a trainee in IT systems management from 2017 to 2020.

I am now presently responsible for the IT department and specialize in VR solutions. My technical know-how helps in the development of large projects like the installation of CAVEs or PowerWalls, and providing maintenance. I also create captivating and informative videos for our social media platforms. When asked what my hobbies are, computers in all shapes and sizesare my first answers and then followed by gaming. I’m a big fan of RPGs which include fantasy and sci-fi genres.

We serve customers worldwide from industry, education, healthcare and research and development.