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Visionary Render


The complete engineering VR toolset supports all major CAD file formats and is designed to support large and complex 3D models from multiple sources.
Create visualizations that support and evolve with fast-moving, complex projects.

Unrivalled visualization of very large, complex models

Essential metadata and deep assembly tree structures found within high-end CAD solutions are preserved allowing for complex assets and systems to be thoroughly reviewed without loss of performance.

A scene in 3 minutes, a digital twin in 3 days

Complex CAD models can be imported in three minutes, the scene fully detailed and animated, in a contextual environment, in three hours, and a full visual digital twin available within three days.

Reduce cost and risk

Fail early, but virtually, to routinely deliver more ambitious projects with reduced cost and risk. Safely investigate more innovative concepts while involving a broader range of experts.

Rapidly build rich contextual model from any data format

Many structured and unstructured data formats, such as CAD, BIM, point clouds, and IoT and MES outputs can be imported into a scene. This results in rich virtual models of real world scenarios, and provides a platform for contextual digital twins.

Virtalis' experts understand your industry

Virtalis' intuitive software guarantees you are productive within days. Quickly onboard users via Virtalis' knowledge base and online training. Virtalis' experts are on hand to deliver training and support and help with customizations and bespoke integrations.