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Accel VR


Adding an immersive dimension to visualize the Digital Aspect Mockup. Present all the facets of the product through a variety of immersive platforms like CAVEs or HMDs.

Immersive project review

Using the digital mockup created using Patchwork 3D, Accel VR allows testing the ergonomy and feasibility of your projects in an interactive and immersive environment, with photorealistic rendering. Reviewing the design, the perceived quality of your prototype in virtual reality. Making cycles between design and sales shorter.

Several systems, one solution

Whether you want to use a CAVE, a PowerWall, or an HMD, you won’t need multiple solutions. Accel VR offers you one solution with the best quality level. All thanks to a powerful file format present throughout the entire Lumiscaphe product line.

Key features

    Compare and present your products from all perspectives. Configure, animate, clip, measure in real-time in virtual reality.