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Showroom VRCC

The Virtual Reality Competence Center

... is a platform to evaluate and test the latest soft- and hardware products used in virtual and augmented reality systems. In our showroom located in our premises in Dieburg, Germany which is about 20km in the south of Frankfurt we are able to demonstrate a large portfolio of Use-Cases for Automotive, Architectural design, Geospatial, Engineering, Healthcare, Training; Plant-Visualization & Simulation … and many others, to show the value using this technology and evaluate how to implement it in your organization.
Feel free to bring you own 3D Data to explore the true impact of your ideas using VR.

Accelerate the delivery of innovative, safe and fully compliant devices and services. Win new Opportunities using the Virtual Experience to convince your customers and leverage visual testing and training capabilities to delivery on target.

Contact us today to connect your design data and ideas into a collaboration virtual experience.

The VRCC Showroom offers the unique opportunity to demonstrate a wide variety of use cases using the software tools from the leading VR vendors. Combined with an exclusive selection of hardware like a CornerWall, PowerWall, the zSpace desktop system or HDMs....


CornerWall "CAVE"

The CAVE offers the highest level of multi-user 3D interaction & immersion. The possibilities range from a three to a six canvas layout to make sure your individual requirements depending amongst others on key parameters like CAD model size, use case, product lifecycle stage, 3D data preparation etc.
Feel free to explore a three-sided CAVE in our Showroom VR-CC.


zWall & zWall Vario

Enabling high-end stereo immersion like it "bigger brother", the CornerWall CAVE is the suitable solution whenever only one screen is needed.
The zWall Vario takes usability to the next level with the ability to be moved freely in office spaces due to the fitted wheels and thus to be used as a common mono or stereo presentation surface for all kinds of keynotes. 


zSpace Pro

The zWall for your desktop! The zSpace desktop system enables you to freely interact with your CAD data directly from your desktop - whether you intend to exercise quick design reviews, check on the grade of the CAD data or test out to what extend the data has to be modified to work on a large screen like the CAVE system, the new generation zSpace Pro enables you to do just that now featuring a built-in CPU & GPU.



Sonic4 & Sonic4K

The Sonic4 and Sonic4K systems are intended to be used when a full 4K stereo resolution with a minimal desktop footprint is required.
The two 4K monitors generate two high-res 4K images that are then turned into a 4K stereo image by a polarized glass screen.


HMDs (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, etc.)

Head Mounted Displays are an ideal solution for smaller budgets and when a quick stereo presentation is needed. While we offer a wide range of HMDs from different manufactures, the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift boast special features in combination with our respective software packages.
Scroll down to see what software package works with HTC Vive / Oculus Rift.



What turns hardware into a solution?
Customized and user tailored software packages...


Lumiscaphe P3D

The Lumiscaphe P3D suite intends to offer high-end realistic realtime Digital Aspect Mockup for Marketing, Sales & Design purposes offering multi-platform use cases.


TechViz XL | zSpace | HMD

TechViz works as a middle-ware to enable quick stereo presentation & interaction with your data directly out of modeling applications such as CATIA



worldviz vizard

The worldviz package aims at enabling full Virtual / Augemented Reality specially emphasizing high-level interaction & immersion.  


softvise DMU

Softvise accelerates huge amounts of data in order to display them in any stereo presentation system (including HMDs) - specified on complex and physically large digital twins.



VIVED Anatomy 3D

VIVED Anatomy is the highest quality visual and interactive software for learning anatomy in 3D. It enables users to view the human body and perceive spatial relationships like never before. The system is built on advanced engineering and simulation technologies.
Our models are medically accurate and present the latest in technological advancement. Anatomists and medical doctors have worked over the past 5 years to ensure fidelity to human anatomy.
Every Aspect of the human body has been represented in 3D. Our 3D models were created from CT/MR images and actual cadavers, and reviewed by medical doctors and professors of anatomy. A comprehensive effort focused on modeling every anatomical structure larger than 1mm in size, yielding medical level accuracy and detail.


VIVED Cyber Science 3D

Enhance classroom participation, increase student engagement and comprehension with interactive science education activities.
VIVED Science is a Rich model gallery with Astronomy, Chemistry, Botany, Earth Science, Human Anatomy, Mechanical, Microbiology, Paleontology and Zoology.
The authoring tool is supporting multiple languages, labeling and part identification. The comprehensive package of detailed, interactive content focused on aiding the learning and exploration of STEM/MINT principles throughout the K-12 standards.



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