Screen + Silver Screens

We offer a wide range of standard screens for active as well as passive stereo where polarisation preservative materials for example silver coating is required.
The screens are available for fixed installations or mobile usage. Nearly any customized size and format can be realized.

Mobile Screens for on projection

Economic screens for 2D & 3-D in many sizes. Perfect for presentations at the customer site, decision making processes on complex developing projects and training/teaching sessions. Quick set-up and take-down through light Aluminium profiles and carrying case. Available for 3-D active and passive stereo systems.

Mobile Span Screens – Portable, easy for on- and back projection

Portable Screens for inside, and outside use. Also available for wall mounting with ornamental frame. Foldable on, or back projection with all around warping through push button technique. Light Aluminium Frame design. Ultra compact through plug- and click technique. Fast set-up and take-down through Module technique.

Automatic Screens – Integrate Screen solutions for the professional installations

Ceiling integration without additional amendment ports. Complete electronic and motor mechanism can be
released down off the chassis. Clean ceiling completion through total vanishing
Screen into housing. Maintenance-free tubular drive (protection category IP
44, 230 V/50 Hz), with configurable final adjustment.

Jump UP Screen – The quick solution for events with on-Projection

Extreme robust for events under rough conditions in studio,- stage- and exhibition areas. Free-standing Practically no set-up time. Only small space required. Stepless navigable Customized formats and constructions available.

Backprojectionbox – Representative 3D stereo solution on small space

Mobile or fixed installed 3-D stereo solution on small space for exhibitions, offices or laboratories. Excellent 3-D stereo quality with high light capacity. Optional with tracking system. Picture formats 4 : 3 and 16 : 9. 19’’ Workstation integration available. Fast set-up time.

Customized Installations - Panorama, Cave und multi channel ceiling projections

Projection solution after customer-specific specifications. Individual picture formats. Seamless multi-channel solutions with Edge Blending and warping Technologies. Planning, construction, installation and maintenance. Manufacture-independent service and consultancy.

Mobile ruggedized Silverscreens - Seamless up to 8,80m x 5,00m (Format 16:9)

Extreme robust silverscreen for large in-&outdoor passive projections with excellent picture quality, Gain 2.4, nearly no ghosting appearance, no Hotspot, homogenous light distribution over completet screen, touch insensible,washable.

This Silverscreen material is perfect for rental stagers and mobile usage. Through the high-grade canvas material with a thickness of 0,7mm and about 900gm2 it is extremly robust and not elastic. It has a fire protection classification B1.

Available as pre-cut material without/with eyes or as complete screen solution including frame and transport case.

Important Notice: The dimension of the frame must have an optional size as the material is not elastic ! Please contact us for further details.


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