3-D Enabling Products

Digital IMAGE Infrared Long Range Emitter

digital IMAGE, Model 619HP, High Power IR Emitter. Multi Protocol IR Emitter with BNC Connector and high Output Used to drive IR Shutter glasses of different manufacturers. The 619 IR Emitter consists of a Signal Reception, Generator, Processor and a IR Panel with high power infrared diodes. The infrared diodes are triggered in the appropriate way to drive several types of glasses. A computer or projector generates a rectangular signal of 120Hz to drive the assembly. This signal is fed into a microprocessor. Corresponding to the selected protocol at diall the infrared diodes are triggered and drive the glasses. The emitter transmits infrared radiation in an angle of +-60 degrees horizontal and vertical. The housing is transparent to IR radiation and diffuses the beams a little.

doremi - Dimension-3D Format Converter - DISCONTINUED!

The Dimension-3D format converter that converts any 3D format to another including changing of the frame rates.

LMP - Multiplexer (HD-X 3D)

The HD Multi-X 3D is a universal 3D video processor used for stereoscopic 3D production an broadcast applications. It enables live 3D monitoring as well as recording of any 3D signal via a single DVI-and/or HDSDI signal in various configurations. In reverse mode, recorded stereoscopic formats are processed for monitoring to DVI and dual HDSDI streams. The most common 3D formats are supported, even anaglyph and sequential frame at 3Gbit/s. For mirror riggs, horizontal- and vertical flip are provided.

INFITEC Plus Glasses

INFITEC® Plus glasses also known as signature glasses for Dolby 3D and INFITEC are widely used in Dolby Theatres.

INFITEC Large Venue Glasses

INFITEC® Large Venue Glasses are the most popular 3D glasses in the world being used worldwide in small events and business presentations.

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INFITEC Premium Glasses

INFITEC® 3D technology is best viewed using premium glasses.

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DepthQ Polarization Modulator - up to 30.000 ANSI lumen

The DepthQ® Polarization Modulator turns a 120Hz or 144Hz TripleFlash 3-D active stereo projector into a passive solution using a silver screen and Polarization Eyewear. The modulator is available in two sizes: Small, for projectors with apertures <3.87 inches, and Large, for projectors with apertures <6.75 inches. It is available pre-congured for either linear or circular polarization. The control unit is connected to the standard VESA miniDin3 sync output from your graphics card or projector and can be manually fine adjusted. For fixed installations an optional motorized slider is available.

RealD Pro Mini-ZScreen circular Polarizer

Take advantage of a mobile Single Projector Passive 3D visualization solution for design, collaboration and presentation in the well known RealD quality.

RealD Pro StereoGraphics E2 Emitter

Standard Work Area Emitter for Desktop Computers with VESA Port (3-Pin Mini-DIN)


RealD Pro StereoGraphics ELR-2 Long Range Emitter

Extended Area Emitter for Desktop Computers with VESA Port (3-Pin Mini-DIN) and small area coverage (6m).


RealD Pro StereoGraphics EXXR Extra Long Range Emitter

Infrared-Emitter, including VESA-BNC-cable (1.8 m), power supply, 24 Months Warranty. Spezifications: Range: ca. 21 m, 110° horizontal, 40° vertical. P/N EXXR


Cables and Extensions for Emitters

We are offering a large range of nearly any special cables and exensions for Emitters.


RealD Side-by-Side POD

RealD format conversion PODs convert one stereoscopic format to a different output format.

nVidia IR & Pro RC Emitter cable for VESA Port

With this cable it is possible to connect the nVidia Emitter to the VESA Port (3-Pin Mini-DIN) and use it with the Generic USB driver and Professional Projectors which provide the Sync Signal. The Emitter then supports Professional graphic cards as well as the GeForce(R) series cards.


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